How New French Law Will Change Employment in the Country

Posted By Eileen Sullivan on Jan 27, 2017 | 0 comments

Recent development in the French law employment system had a couple of changes that may as well give hope to people regarding seeking employment in this country. Apparently so far there was no law that regulated whether or not employers are allowed to contact their employees after the working hours. What is the impact of this change on employment in France and how will it benefit the employees?

The impact on the Employment System

If you belong to the group of people that are afraid to check their emails after working hours, simply because you know that there is a chance your company sent you an urgent email that limits your free time, we have some good news you. Apparently, there is a new law that’s in function in France. It’s actually pro-employee for a change as it explicitly forbids companies to email their employees after working hours. This new law that regulates “right to disconnect” was put to action for reasons of preserving mental health of employees.


Apparently, the inability to fully disconnect from work, after the working hours, can have a significant mental impact on you. What this means for the employment system in France is that there will be an increase in job application numbers all across the country. Not only that this recent change in the system made the country even more popular, but it also slightly restored the hope in humanity for many of us.

Preserving Mental Health

mentalThere is no way around it. Certain jobs create pressure that can change the way we think, feel and act in the long run. Having work related topics constantly on your mind can lead to anxiety and even give birth to a group of mental disorders. We all know the general rule that dictates to leave all your worries behind as you step into your working area. The same rule applies when leaving work, but sometimes this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes employers demand that we constantly think about our work even when we are not in our working place. And this can be a burden, especially when the employer looks at this matter as a measuring tool for evaluating our passion for the job and how dedication we are to our work.

Being that every time a change occurs in the law employment system, it isn’t on the side of the common men but on the side of corporations. This time it’s different, and an accent is on human rights and what is a moral obligation of every person- to respect each other and our the spare time that we have. The real importance of this new law is that the publicity that county gained with it will push other countries into being more pro-employee instead of pro-company. For the sake of future employment as well as the economy not only in France but in other major countries we hope that we will see similar laws put to action by other members of the EU.